We are facilitators, project managers, systems thinkers, and sustainability professionals.

Working with communities, organizations, building owners, developers, design teams, and contractors, we help navigate the built environment sustainability process to develop healthy and efficient buildings from concept to operation.


high performance Building services

Finding a third party certification consultant these days is easy.  However, not all consultants are created equal. If you have any experience with third party project certification you know that it is not the be all end all.

If, in the end, you want a high performing building, then you must start with a vision and apply an integrative, systems thinking approach towards the design and construction process, and continue with it through occupancy and staff training.

Our facilitation process is different because we start with the ideal outcome and work backwards, otherwise known as backcasting. We facilitate a collaborative process to answer two questions:

What is your vision of success?

What do we need to do today to reach that vision of success?

Additionally, we serve as the keeper of the vision throughout the design and construction process and provide accountability of bringing the vision into reality. And our work is not finished when the keys are handed over. A high performance building will offer staff training to teach the occupants and operators how to behave in the building so that the vision is a reality and that the owner sees a return on their investment.

This process starts early in design with a series of workshops for a team of diverse stakeholders. We work to define the project vision and develop building design solutions that reach the vision.  With a clear vision and shared understanding of the vision, we move on to implementation and continue working with the team to facilitate an iterative process of data gathering, collaboration, calculations, and documentation.

Our scopes of work are flexible and adaptable and they typically include two components:
Integrative Design Facilitation and Project Certification.


Integrative Design facilitation

An integrative design process is a holistic, systems thinking approach to building design. During a single day workshop or a series of multi-day workshops, diverse project stakeholders attend and share their vision for sustainability, provide input based on their professional expertise and/or anecdotal experience, and collaborate to develop possible design solutions. An integrative design process emphasizes designing all of the systems together, rather than sequentially, producing sustainable, high performance building solutions that are meaningful, constructible, on time, and on budget.


project certification

Do you wish you could focus on your professional training and expertise and let someone else facilitate the certification planning and complete the documentation? We take the stress out of third party certification by clearing your workload, providing team guidance and support, and completing forms, which allows you to focus on developing beautiful and functional buildings.

We offer project certification services for LEED® BD+C, ID+C, and Existing Buildings and Green Globes. 

innovation, strategy, and change management Services

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Why choose Green Bridge?  The short answer is that we make an otherwise painful process painless. We have worked on projects of all sizes, locations, performance standards, and architectural complexity. We have 10+ years of experience on 30+ projects.  Working with Green Bridge will save you time and money, and increase clarity and accountability within the project team.


We Work Nationwide


Given the virtually connected world we live in today, we work on projects across the U.S.  For workshop facilitation, we travel to be on-site and in-person.  We conduct subsequent follow up meetings virtually through tele-conferencing and/or video conferencing. All project
related documentation can be shared and stored digitally.


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